L&J Nursery

Our beautiful garden area has been created by L&J Nursery, they have an amazing variety of plants for sale from succulents to fruit trees.

Lucie: A plant love story

After Lucie’s wonderful training in Picton, she became a self employed gardener. she quickly started to gather plants, from her own propagating and from the stunning private gardens she worked for in Pembrokeshire. Loving is sharing so she decided to open L&J nursery! Together with her husband, Jamie, they share their love of plants and offer an alternative to industrial garden centres.



Peat free

It is our utmost concern to grow and sell plants in a sustainable and environment friendly way. Lucie always choose plants for their adaptability to our climate and resistance to pests, so she never need to use pesticides.

We are committed to be peat-free. Lucie uses a mix of topsoil, horse manure, leaf mould and her own compost mix.

To keep up to date with what Lucie is currently growing please check out her facebook page here.



See their website at: www.landjnurserynarberth.com for plant updates!

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