Andrew Douglas Forbes ‘Kitchen Study’

Product Description

Acrylic on board of 'Kitchen Study' by Andrew Douglas Forbes. Originating from Gower, Andrew was tutored from a young age by the Canadian artist Gordon Stuart. Also an international Tenor, Andrew studied at the R. A. M London as a prestigious scholar, as well as Swansea Art College. Andrew has painted and sung, sung and painted all his adult life, living for some years in Italy after winning a world singing competition. Interested in the 'everydayness of life', his paintings have often a 'domestic' or 'country feel'. An expert in Welsh Country Antiques Andrew exhibits his paintings and antiques at important International Fairs. Andrew is represented in galleries across the U.K. including Albany Cardiff and Hollywood Gallery, Chelsea, also exhibiting at the American winter Art Fairs. He has work in the National Collection and is widely collected at home in Wales.      
Price: £300

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